Calgary’s Premiere Antique Mall Store, Heirlooms Antiques Store in Calgary, Antique Dealers, Appraisers & Estate Evaluators, Shop Antique Stores in Calgary & online
Heirlooms Antiques Store in Calgary

#101,  7004 MacLeod Trail SE  Calgary, Alberta  T2H 0L3

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Heirlooms Antiques Calgary is the Premiere Antique Store in Calgary

Antique Dealers Appraisers and Estate evaluators with 40 years experience feature thousands of antique and collectable items in over 50 large showcases  including Jewellery, Art, Sterling Silver, Crystal, China, Glass, Pottery, Clocks, Cameras, Toys and Estate Furniture.   Shop our 3500 square feet showrooms or online for unique and precious Antique gifts.


     Tuesday - Saturday  10 to 5 pm       Sunday Noon to 4 pm        Closed Mondays


                                                Phone  403 301 4822       

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